The Smartest Guys in the Room Figured it Out Again: Google’s Undesirability Index for Brand Sponsored Piracy

Last night in London, Google’s head of EU policy Theo Bertram participated in a debate with David Lowery and some others.  You can read MuscAlly’s live blog about it here.

More about this later, but it’s important to note that Mr. Bertram speaking for Google came up with a brilliant idea for how to “white list” bad sites for advertisers:

Bertram said that it’s theoretically possible to have a dynamic list of the 500 top piracy sites, for use by brands when stipulating where their ads should appear – or for legal purposes.

“It’s not Google’s job to go around the web to declare whether sites are legal or illegal [false premise, no one asked them to do that], but if Coca-Cola comes to us and says here’s a list of 500 dynamic sites, and we don’t want you to place ads on those… that’s a slightly different thing. It’s almost a marketing thing for the brand.” So it’s a brand deciding where their ads should run – an undesirability index, rather than an illegal index, you could say.

I guess if a brand told Google what to do if Google wanted their advertising business, Google would probably comply since over 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising.

Wow, why didn’t I think of that?  Let the market decide.  Eureka!

What a brilliant idea.  I think that someone should run with that one, it’s absolutely genius.