Despite Mississippi Attorney General’s Action, Is Google Still Advertising On Specific Pirate Site In Complaint?

Particularly interesting given the “best practices” debacle yesterday

The Trichordist

I just spent a week with my kids doing some coding,  so I’m thinking in a binary fashion.   Let’s look at this Google, Mississippi Attorney General Hood and “Ad Supported Piracy” situation in an IF/THEN/ELSE kind  of way.

If you are not aware the Federal Government has basically decided to let Google get away with anything. And just like the Tobacco Settlement it’s been left up to the states to try to reign in the Mountain View Drug Advertising and Spying Cartel. Mississippi Attorney General Hood is leading State attorneys general in an investigation into current Google advertising practices.  And in particular whether they violate Google’s criminal Non Prosecution Agreement with the US Government for knowingly enabling sales of controlled substances online. 

Google claims to AG Hood  that they are trying not to serve advertising onto pirate sites like  But as evidenced from the screenshots below…

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