Musician’s POV: Five Things Spotify (and others) Could Do Today to Level the Playing Field for Independent Artists

The Trichordist

Guest post by Chris Castle

We’ve talked about piracy, but now let’s change that conversation to talk about the “New Boss” licensed services.  One of the problems for artists selling their music, films or books in the legitimate digital space is getting a fair deal from the New Boss distributors.  And that is exactly what they are–digital distribution requires artists and labels to outsource what are essentially manufacturing and distribution functions.

That’s fine if it creates efficiencies, but what it also has done is create a huge dodge for the “New Boss” who tries to say that any problems that artists have with them is a problem with the “Old Boss” who made the deal the artists don’t like.

That gloss doesn’t work for independent artists, though, because there is no “Old Boss” to point the finger at.  Even if there were, the Old Boss is usually a union signatory under a collective bargaining agreement…

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