Poll: Should Songwriters Have The Right To Opt Out Of Individual Digital Music Services?

The Trichordist

Many of my non-music business friends ask “If streaming services and webcasters pay so little to songwriters  why don’t you pull your songs off the services?”

To further confuse things you probably know by now Thom Yorke pulled his recordings from Spotify.   But oddly any “covers” of his songs will remain on Spotify.   Why is it that?  Why don’t songwriters pull their songs from digital services like Pandora and Spotify if the rates are so bad?

The short answer is:  By government mandate we are not allowed.

And here’s the short explanation: There are two similar government mandates that prevent us from doing this. Something called a “consent decree” and another called “compulsory licensing”.  Yes believe it or not in 2013 The Government of The United States mandates terms and prices  for certain digital uses of songs!

The long explanation:  We can sort of opt out but we have…

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