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YouTube is Just Like TV

July 30, 2013

If you’ve been following the Silvio Berlusconi of the Internet for very long, you’ll probably get the idea that he thinks that YouTube has already eclipsed television.  (If you don’t know who that is, see “Google CEO and serial womanizer Eric Schmidt spends $15 million on private, no doorman Manhattan penthouse and then has it totally soundproofed.”  Or how about the New York Post, “Google Boss Schmidt Spending Big Bucks on Womanizing.”  Or just ask around CNET about why they were banned from the Googleplex a while back.)

In recent developments, Chromecast, for example, allows you to watch YouTube on your HDMI enabled television set in the privacy of your home and as the reviewers are careful to say, other platforms like Netflix or Hulu.


Or uTorrent.

But I digress.  Let’s not bring too much eyesight to the willfully blind.

So what might you want to watch in the privacy of your home on YouTube?  Or what might your children be watching?

Here’s one in the Berlusconi theme:  “Hot Teen Looking for Older Man.”  Now remember–YouTube always says that they take down videos when they are flagged by “the community.”  Kind of a virtual stoning.  So what happens in between the time the video is uploaded and the time it is sufficiently “flagged”?  (Does anyone know what “sufficiently flagged” entails?)

Here’s one thing that happens.  “Hot Teen Looking for Older Men” is a how-to video in the great tradition of YouTube.  Except this time, it’s not how to get illegal drugs or how to pirate movies.  No, this time it’s how older men can get “hot teens” to send them videos of themselves.  Here’s a few screen caps from the opening frames of this little instructional video:

Teen 1

Teen 2

Teen 3

And then just in case you didn’t get the idea, there’s about 3 minutes of a young girl dancing, or as I believe it is known, “twerking.”  (I didn’t post a screen shot of her because I have no idea how old she is.)

Google, which says it has a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on child sexual abuse content, has argued policing the billions of images, stories and data generated daily on the internet would be a Herculean task and any controls could inadvertently restrict legitimate online searches.

Just exactly like television, right?

(One question that comes to mind is whether this video is actually a product placement for the featured website.)

Then there’s this account from the Long War Journal:

The Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, and an allied jihadist group known as the Ansar al Khilafah have both claimed credit for taking control of a town near the city of Aleppo and killing more than 100 soldiers. Both groups have conducted joint operations in the past.

The Ansar al Khilafah, or Supporters of the Caliphate, released a video showing the aftermath of the execution of more than 50 Syrian soldiers and officers following the takeover of the town.

Footage of the aftermath of the massacre was published on YouTube. The bodies of dozens of men in and out of uniform are seen in various locations in the town. Some appear to have been executed. Heavily armed men chant “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is greatest”) at the end of the video.

The video has since been removed by YouTube for violating its “policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

Just exactly like television, right?

And then LWJ also reports:

The Ansar al Khilafah in Aleppo was formed in December 2012. A video on the formation of the group was released on YouTube, showing a commander surrounded by scores of heavily armed fighters, and children with several black banners of jihad flying among the crowd. The group’s commander pledged to impose sharia and establish a caliphate.

Yes, available tonight in your house.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, YouTube is a huge part of the jihadi public messaging campaign.

Kind of like this:

Or like this:

Or like this:

Just like television.

Or–as Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said, “Google stands to make money from ads running in conjunction with instructional videos on everything from illegally purchasing prescription drugs and making fraudulent passports to promoting human trafficking and terrorist propaganda,” said Bruning. “I’m deeply disappointed with Google’s lackadaisical attitude toward Internet safety and consumer protection. The company should be held accountable for profiting from a platform that perpetuates criminal activity.”

But not according to Google.  According to Google, YouTube is just like TV.

So go buy that Chromecast dongle, let’s do our part to make sure that Silvio becomes the King of All Media.

Chicks dig the dongle.

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