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Who is the original Glasshole?

August 6, 2013

Professor Geoff Nunberg writing at NPR tells us that

“[Google G]lass can seem a lot creepier when it’s being worn by somebody else. People have started call the early adopters”Glassholes,” and I can see why. A colleague was telling me how she had seen somebody she knew wearing Glass at a party and went out of her way to avoid him. She said “Look, even if he isn’t going to surreptitiously take my picture, it’s as if he’s poised to put me on call-waiting if anything interesting comes in on his Twitter feed.” Anyway, she said, why would you want to talk to anybody who would wear Google Glass to a party in the first place?”

So that got me to thinking about where have I seen that Glass design before?  Who was the original Glasshole?  Yes, it was Dr. Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow.

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