Is Your Band Registered to Vote?

Is your band registered to vote?  You ride in the van with these people, you probably know way more about them than you ever wanted to know, but do you know whether they are registered to vote?  You can find out what the rules are in your area on this website “Can I Vote?” (click here)  The site is run by the National Association of Secretaries of State and it has a complete guide to every US state.  Each state includes its voter registration website that will allow you to check in your home state to see if you (or your band) are registered already, and if you’re not, it will tell you how to get registered.  You can also use the National Mail Voter Registration Form available through the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

After you get your band registered, you’ll be able to vote, so check the election calendar for your state to see what elections are coming up.

Get your nation-wide election calendar here, or see it below. Election Calendar August-Nov 2013

Election Calendar August-Nov 2013_Page_1

Election Calendar August-Nov 2013_Page_2

Election Calendar August-Nov 2013_Page_3

Election Calendar August-Nov 2013_Page_4

Election Calendar August-Nov 2013_Page_5