Google’s al Qaeda Connection Redux

According to the New York Times, the US-backed (as far as we know) Free Syrian Army struggled to take control of the airport at Aleppo, Syria and laid an months-long siege to the airport that was broken this week when the FSA got some help.  More US aid?  No…this time not.  This time from the […]

Who is the original Glasshole?

Professor Geoff Nunberg writing at NPR tells us that “[Google G]lass can seem a lot creepier when it’s being worn by somebody else. People have started call the early adopters”Glassholes,” and I can see why. A colleague was telling me how she had seen somebody she knew wearing Glass at a party and went out […]

8 Takeaways from the “tech panel” at the IP Subcommittee Hearing

Every now and then you get a gift from the ether–today’s hearing “Innovation in America: The Role of Technology” at the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet was no exception.  It’s hard sometimes to convince lawmakers and staff that “yes, they really are that self-centered” when speaking of the groovier-than-thou Big Tech community, […]