University Of Georgia Music Business “Undesirable”Lyric Website Study

The Trichordist

Lyric searches drive huge traffic on the web.  They may not be quite as popular as “Lady Gaga Download”  and other similar searches but they are right up there.

There are lots of licensed sites and as usual lots of what appears to be unlicensed sites.  Almost all of these sites have major brand advertising.

Many of you may not realize this but I’m also on the faculty of The University of Georgia.  I teach in the Music Business Program.  I spent considerable time this summer studying these sites as part of my official research duties. It’s part of a bigger project whereby I’m studying and cataloguing many of the “lesser known” kinds of copyright infringing websites.

Here is a short paper listing this months top 50 “undesirable” lyric websites as well as my methodology and further comments. It is my hope that brands and advertising agencies will consult this…

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