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Mollywood Joins the Not OK Glass Chorus

September 6, 2013

Who can forget the sick and twisted anti-creator rants of CNET newsreader Molly Wood during the SOPA period that took both rabid hatred of “Hollywood” and obsequious fawning over Google by “journalists” to new lows.  Yes, Mollywood hates her some artists.  Not as much as Mr. Y Combinator (see “Kill Hollywood“), but close.

Surprisingly for one who probably prefers Motox over botox, Mollywood has a problem with Google Glass–her “Google Glass rant” not only is funny, but actually raises important issues about why the product is both dehumanizing and actually dangerous:

[Glass] is a new frontier in human rudeness, inattention and danger.

Of course what she left out is this question:  Which came first, Google Glass or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?  Where does all that Glass data end up?  In the cloud, of course.  The FISA cloud.

Hopefully, Mollywood will begin to question some of her assumptions about “Hollywood”, too.  Are we really all that bad?  We don’t try to monetize your private conversations, drive cars around taking pictures of your house and snarfing down your WiFi data, we don’t give your email to the NSA and we routinely lose hundreds of millions of dollars betting on a story or a song and never ask for a bailout.  Is that so bad really?

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