Pandora Announces Old Testament Branding: Let There Be Money…uh…Music!

Spoken like a compulsory licensee–according to FMQB:

Pandora has announced a new brand identity, using the slogan “Let There Be Music,” which the digital service says will reflect “the company’s mission to cultivate a better musical future for artists and listeners alike.”

Whether the artists like it or not.

This rebranding was launched the same week that Pandora raised another $450 million in their second IPO.

Yes, this branding has that certain Old Testament ring, don’t it?  You know when you get to be one of the Most Influential People In The World, you get enthusiasms.

Yes, Tim said, “Let there be music.”  And there was music.  And he divided the music into pre-72 and post-72.  And it was so.

And he saw that it was good.

For Tim.