10 Minutes for Creative Commons: After 10 Years, It Still Seems to Cost A Lot of Money for Google-Backed Creative Commons to Give Things Away for Free

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[Editor Charlie sez: This post from 2012 is worth revisiting.] Creative Commons Corporation is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a 10 day celebration–Lessig declares 10 days of bread and circuses, panem et circenses for the Commoners.  So how are they doing? MTP readers will recall the rather extraordinary flaws in the…

One Bad Apple: The Complete Checklist on Google’s “Non Anti-Piracy” Anti-Piracy Policies

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Written by Chris Castle [Editor Charlie sez: It was recently reported that Google has now received notices for over 10 million infringing links in search results–actually a low number given that Google receives 3 million notices a week for search alone–i.e., not counting Blogger or YouTube.  Before the anti-copyright…

NMPA’s Olive Branch to Pandora

Pandora, the embattled webcaster, recently announced a new CEO who comes from the advertising sector.  He inherits a pretty awful self-inflicted wound.  I supposed it’s theoretically possible to have made more missteps and mistakes in a business relationship than Pandora has made in its relationships with creators–but I’m not smart enough to figure out how […]

Five Things Congress Could Do for Music Creators That Wouldn’t Cost the Taxpayer a Dime Part 4: Pay Unclaimed Royalties to State Unclaimed Property Offices

The US is alone in the world in maintaining a compulsory license for songs. The government forces songwriters to license their songs at a rate approved by the government and then has rather flimsy rules about how songwriters actually get paid. These flimsy rules, I suggest, have resulted in unknown amounts of royalties not finding […]