Say Goodnight Isohunt: Gary, I Wish We’d Hardly Knew Ye

So with one last burst of sanctimonious twaddle, Isohunt goes the way of former Fred von Lohmann clients Streamcast (co-defendent in the Grokster case) and Limewire.  Isohunt is “paying” $110 million (wonder where they’re getting that money from?) and shutting down (assuming they can actually shut it off).

The Washington Post reports the settlement this way (Here’s Why Isohunt Deserved to Die):

[T]he founder of isoHunt “posted numerous messages to the isoHunt forum requesting that users upload torrents for specific copyrighted films; in other posts, he provided links to torrent files for copyrighted movies, urging users to download them.”

Legitimate entrepreneurs wouldn’t have behaved this way. The inducement test gives the courts an easy way to distinguish legitimate entrepreneurs who happen to have their products used for piracy from those who intend from the outset to profit from copyright infringement.

Sort of like when Google’s advertising sales team sells keywords “Lady GaGa torrents” to drive traffic?

Oops, did I say that?

And in case you were wondering, yes, Google still indexes Isohunt: Try a search for “lady gaga torrents isohunt

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