The Great Circular Award Ceremony Comes to the Washington Post

It turns out that the Washington Post’s brush with the anti-copyright crowd really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Recall that the Post’s “The Switch” blog posted a manufactured story about how great Google is and how piracy is actually “Hollywood’s” own fault (whoever “Hollywood” is these days) at least according to, a new site that comes from the Google funded Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Scott Cleland had a good catch in his post Brito & Google:

Notably, Mr. Brito and Mr. Dourado, co-creators of the website, just last month were two of four individuals nationally to win an “IP3 Award” from Public Knowledge for advancing Public Knowledge’s Internet commons view of the “public interest,” i.e. that content generally should be shared publicly for free online.

Ah yes, who can forget Andrew Orlowski’s excellent story on the EFF-Public Knowledge love fest, “The Great Circular Award Ceremony–Now With Added Astroturf” (both funded by Google in part).  So will anyone be surprised that these fellows were included in the great circular motion?

Of course–we noted earlier that the author of the manufactured news post on The Switch was Timothy B. Lee whose name appears prominently on the Google Shill List.

Right close to Public Knowledge (“Google has contributed to Public Knowledge for years….”).

Maybe you actually don’t need a scorecard to tell the players because they all work for the same team.

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