Google’s Blood Money: RU 486 Commercials on YouTube

The Food and Drug Administration has very clear guidelines for drugs you should not buy over the Internet.  One of those drugs is RU 486 (or Mifepristone).  Google is very much aware of the illegality of selling this particular drug, because it was one of the drugs that they were busted for in the multi-year and multi-agency sting operation that resulted in a federal grand jury in Rhode Island.  You know, the one where Google took $500,000,000 of the stockholders money to pay a fine to keep their senior executive team from being indicted for violating the Controlled Substances Act.

The other problem with the illegal drugs advertised on YouTube is that there’s no telling where these drugs come from or what ingredients are actually present.   ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer recently reported on this public health issue perpetuated by Google–and the potential for wrongful death claims.

The FDA states:

The drugs on this list have important benefits, but they also have serious known risks. As a result, they are available in the U.S. only under specially created safety controls. If these drugs are bought over the Internet or from foreign sources, these safety controls are bypassed, placing patients who use these drugs at higher risk. In addition, drugs bought from foreign sources are generally not FDA approved.

FDA Consumer Alert

And when it comes to RU-486, not only does the patient require a prescription, the drug must be administered under a doctor’s care.  (Of course cyberlibertarians would no doubt point to prescriptions as just being an evil government monopoly that props up doctors with crony capitalism–you know, kind of like copyright.)


Google not only distributes commercials for RU 486, they also monetize the commercials and split the money with brands–this time with Farmers Insurance, no less.



And don’t miss that Google ad in the upper right hand corner for US Trust–the private banking arm of Bank of America.


And of course it wouldn’t be YouTube without a DIY instructional video on how to induce an abortion at home: