YouTube Awards Tarnished by YouTube Hate Videos and Jihadi Recruitment

Google has a lot of excuses for why they profit from piracy, but what is inexcusable is how YouTube profits from hate videos and war porn.  It is difficult to understand how Lady Gaga and other artists slated to perform on the “YouTube Music Awards” would be able to turn a blind eye to this evil, no matter the fee and no matter how much “promotion” a media giant like Google can bring to bear.

The Problem from Hell is Easily Solved

johnny rebel youtube

What is difficult to understand about YouTube’s hate problem is how Google could just ignore it–particularly when these videos no doubt violate some policy that Google pays lip service to.  Fortunately, the Anti-Defamation League has compiled a list that Google could easily use to enforce violations of their dormant terms of service when it comes to hate speech.

I tried YouTube searches by picking a few names from from the Anti-Defamation League’s “Bigots Who Rock” list returned thousands of search results, some of which were “YouTube Mixes”.  Understand–this is not some shady website controlled by skinheads in some other country.  This is Google’s flagship entertainment platform that they want you to believe is just like television (see “Google Boss Claims YouTube Has Already Overtaken TV“).

johnny rebel youtube mix
Others were easy to find based on results from some of the ADL list, and almost all were monetized–apparently meaning Google profits from these hate videos.  When a search result is monetized on YouTube, it is widely thought that YouTube keeps 100% of the revenue because the search results are not associated with any particular artist.

Here’s one example of a search for the white supremacist group Bully Boys, returning a large number of videos and a Google ad for a Google product on a Google platform.   Any of the usual Google excuses ring hollow–Google is in 100% control of every aspect of this monetization of evil.

Bully Boys Google Ad

YouTube’s distribution of hate videos is not limited to “Bigots Who Rock”–YouTube also is a platform for Holocaust deniers, including movies by the well known anti-Semite David Irving:

David Irving

The Jihad Will Be Monetized

YouTube has a remarkably insatiable desire for money while also demonstrating and unwillingness to abide by any level of standards and practices worthy of a media company marketing itself to children.  YouTube is the communication medium of choice for another group of anti-Semites.

With a rudimentary knowledge of jihadi armies, it doesn’t take long to locate a variety of videos from the various terror battle fronts around the world, all of which glorify the jihad or are “martyrdom” videos.  A search for Abu Khattab, for example, returned recruiting videos for jihad in Syria aimed at Denmark–and monetized by Google with ads for fellow Gang of Four member, eBay.

abu khattab search

The recruitment video was not far from a martyrdom video for a Danish jihadi “martyred” in Syria.   (This is not hard to figure out given the massive number of books that Google has scanned, pages crawled and homes photographed–Ibn al-Khattab, for example, was a well known terror commander in Chechnya and Dagestan.)

Then there is this video posted by the Al Furqan Brigades celebrating a terror attack and sponsored by Shell Oil and Goodyear–undoubtedly without their knowledge.

Al Furquan Brigades Video

These are but a few of the tens of thousands–if not hundreds of thousands–of monetized jihad videos available on YouTube.  It should be a clear indicator that terror groups routinely use YouTube as a mode of recruitment and communication.

The Negligent Evil

Any artist participating in Google events–or city permitting Google Fiber–has to ask themselves just how badly they want to take the king’s shilling and whether they are willing to turn a blind eye to the horrors that are readily available to children on YouTube.

Do I think that Google are racist or anti-Semitic as a matter of corporate policy?  Absent further information, I would think not.  But I do think that the company’s executives just don’t care.  And I leave it to you to decide whether indifference to hate is worse than hate itself.

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  1. Disgusting but utterly unsurprising. It’s one thing to post videos etc. with views and/or beliefs that challenge the status quo, but quite another to promote hatred, racism, and everything else up to and including murder. I have to say that the Shell Oil ad on a jihadi video is more than a little ironic, though.

    Hey Google – what happened to “Don’t be Evil”?


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