@chevrolet and YouTube Monetize DIY Drug Addict Instruction Videos

The Trichordist’s commentary on YouTube’s Music Video Awards called attention to a variety of horrendous videos readily available on Google’s crown jewel, but none were quite as disturbing as the DIY videos of how to prepare a variety of illegal drugs for injection (“cooking”) and tips on how to inject these drugs.

First, we find “How I Inject Testosterone and Overcome Anxiety” brought to you buy Chevrolet and the CPAP shop:

shooting up testosterone

And here’s the video:

Then we have “How to Cook Crack”, brought to you by National Geographic:

cooking crack nat geo

and here’s the video:

And then there’s “Shooting Up Morphine and Oxycontin” brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Health Services:

shooting up oxy and morphine minnesota dhs

And here’s the video:

Not to be outdone by “Shooting Up Dilaudid” sponsored by Intervention Canada

shooting up dilaudid

and here’s the video:

If this bothers you, think about this.  Google tries to pawn off YouTube as a competitor to television.  Turn on your television and see if you can find DIY videos for cooking and injecting crack, oxy, morphine and dilaudid.

If you’ve been in the music business for very long, you have undoubtedly encountered addicts.  We don’t think this is funny and we don’t think it can be rationalized.

We do think it should be stopped and the artists participating in the YouTube video awards or who are YouTube users are in a position to influence Google.

You can also complain by tweeting to @chevrolet, @mnhealth and @natgeo about their sponsorship of these videos.

This is evil and it should be stopped.