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Government Contractor Google Runs Ads for Obamacare on “How I Inject Testosterone” Video

November 9, 2013

Maybe you’ve heard how Google is providing staff for the “tech surge” to fix the Obamacare website?  Here’s an interesting development in that campaign.  (See also “YouTube “How to Inject Illegal Drugs Videos and Advertisers.”)

Google is also selling advertising for “Be Well New Mexico” against one of those YouTube “how to” videos demonstrating how to inject testosterone cypionate for body builders. The specific steroid in the video is this one:

testosterone fda
(Very likely illegal and perhaps even counterfeit testosterone.  It would be appropriate for the video to have some admonition about using steroids under a doctor’s care as a prescription is required in the US (and testosterone cypionate is a Schedule IV drug in Canada under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act . You’ll find testosterone under anabolic steroids.  Possession of a Schedule IV drug for purposes of trafficking carries a 3 year prison sentence if tried as an indictable offense.  I don’t know whether promoting the illegal sale is a crime in Canada, but it is exactly what Google paid $500,000,000 to avoid finding out in the US.  If you dig deeper into this user’s situation, it would be consistent with his story that he got a prescription–but whether the particular steroid is in fact legal or illegal in the particular video is not the point–the point is that the video was monetized and the advertiser was not consulted.)

Let’s face it–Google will do anything, and I do mean anything, for money.

testosterone be well

Here’s a how to for you–try loading the video and see what ad comes up in your neighborhood.

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