Goldieblox Pulls Beasties Video and Other YouTube Debacles

For whatever reason–one can never rule out doing the right thing, even with a Stanford grad–Goldiblox has taken their rip off commercial…sorry, remix commercial…no, no, parody video, yes that’s the ticket–apparently the Goldiblox parody video has been taken “private” on YouTube.  There’s also a new Goldieblox video without the Beasties up on Google’s monopoly video search platform, so let’s see how that one does.

The real question is whether Goldieblox’s lawyers will also withdraw the “waiter, there might be a fly in my soup” declaratory relief action they filed against the Beasties and their producer despite a distinctly ephemeral basis, a “justiciable issue” as they say.  (And of course the most important question of all for the lawyers is whether the Court decides to sanction them for wasting the Court’s time with an idiotic PR stunt, but that’s unlikely to happen however richly deserved I may find it to be.)

The moral of the story is what a Beastie Boys fan told me:  They are really good guys, “Girls” was never intended as a misogynist song, and how dare they violate the dying wishes of Adam Yauch.  Granted, if the tech elites decide to just take your life’s work regardless of whether they come off like scumbags, there are piles of evidence suggesting that they’re going to do just that  and laugh at the dead guy all the way to the bank.

But that won’t make it right and that won’t make anyone like them who cares about artist rights.  And as an old school ad man once said to a disruptive account executive with an over the top idea, your campaign gets my attention, but will it make me like you?  And what’s the point of creating disruption if you can’t invoice disruption?

And without descending further into sanctimony, this case should be a warning to co-writers and producers.  Tech companies may try to do this again, so be careful that you are protected on the legal fees from the next tech company that might use your song to engaged in PR by lawsuit.

In other YouTube news, when you’re done looking at the Goldibox video, check out how Google is monetizing human misery in all its dimensions with this sex tourist video from the Philippines (MTP readers will recall that this is just one of many examples of Google’s interest in sex tourism).  This time with ads from the “Asian dating site” that let’s you “Send Gift” to the girl in the picture and also has an embedded video for the National Rifle Association, not to mention an monetized video link for “red light districts Philippines”.

I wonder what they’d say about this at Rights4Girls?

NRA-Sex Tourist Video YOUTUBE

So if Goldiblox wants to do something positive with their new found fame, maybe their CEO could have a word with Google about filtering out these exploitative videos that are being beamed into homes around the world for children to see.  Right next to the “Femoral Fiesta” video playlist showing junkies how to hit the femoral artery.

Yes, right.  Filtering, that’s the ticket.  I’m sure GoldieBlox will get right on challenging Google to not be evil.

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