The Success of Louis C.K. is Not a Joke on Anyone

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[Editor Charlie sez: This post originally appeared on March 9, 2012 but we thought it was worth a repost.]

“Pretty soon, they all want to get into the act.”
Attributed to Jimmy Durante

Why Does The Press Consistently Get it More Wrong Than Right?

I don’t know why the press continually focuses on the wrong issues when it comes to selling music and movies online—whether it’s the Bloomberg editors’ “relax and enjoy it” advice to songwriters and film makers ravaged by theft or the more recent analysis by the Financial Times of the Louis C.K. direct to fan release “Live from the Beacon Theater”.

Here’s the tip off from the FT in the opening paragraph:

“After the vigorously profane American comic Louis C.K. decided to produce and distribute his latest concert himself, he said he hoped the experiment would work “so I can have s***loads of money”. It worked. At…

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