What’s Next for Rapgenius, the “Internet Talmud”? Annotaking the World’s “Information” Whether the World Likes it or Not

There’s always a risk to starting a post with a quotation that is both true and insightful, but ridiculous to the average person.  A quotation that seems to define buffoonery.  But here goes. In his reporting on the Rapgenius deal with Sony/ATV that followed the NMPA’s licensing campaign for “lyric sites,”  Peter Kafka at AllthingsD […]

Government Contractor Google Runs Ads for Obamacare on “How I Inject Testosterone” Video

Maybe you’ve heard how Google is providing staff for the “tech surge” to fix the Obamacare website?  Here’s an interesting development in that campaign.  (See also “YouTube “How to Inject Illegal Drugs Videos and Advertisers.”) Google is also selling advertising for “Be Well New Mexico” against one of those YouTube “how to” videos demonstrating how […]

#YTMA Artists Can Help Clean Up YouTube: An Open Letter To Jason Schwartzman, Lady Gaga, Spike Jonze, M.I.A. Arcade Fire and Macklemore.

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
This is not about whether the YouTube Music Awards were a train wreck or not.  I’m not going to criticize the overall quality of the show’s production.  Live shows are tough.  I’m a performer, I know.   I’ll leave the criticism or praise of the show itself to others.   I enjoyed the…

Eric “Captain Renault” Schmidt is Shocked, Shocked by NSA Breakins

Vanity Fair has a great send up of Eric Schmidt’s ridiculous faux outrage over NSA intrusions into Google data centers (“Google’s Eric Schmidt Calls the N.S.A.’s Spying “Outrageous”—We Have Some Helpful Related Searches for Him“).  The magazine uses Google autocomplete searches to help Eric “Captain Renault” Schmidt find information about how Google and NSA spy […]