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The Politics of Digital Piracy

December 3, 2013

The Trichordist

by Chris Whitten (copyright in the author)

It has been thirteen years since the free music service Napster burst into our consciences and anti-copyright activist Larry Lessig began campaigning for the free culture movement. Today however, we find that the free culture movement has lost the war for hearts and minds within the creative community and also increasingly with consumers.

Recent independent research and national political elections show the movement is going backwards from an already low base. The die-hards, lead by a small group of older academics like Lessig, and promoted by younger tech bloggers, who may be benefitting financially from their advocacy, have failed to convince with their philosophical, political argument. Even their claim the creative community would be richer, financially and artistically, by sharing it’s output free of charge hasn’t changed the way the creative community distributes its work.

Nothing promotes innovation better than successful innovation. And…

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