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Beasties Countersue GoldieBlox–GoldieBlox brings in Google Books Lawyer

December 15, 2013

The Trichordist

Sometimes life does imitate art.  The Beastie Boys have countersued Silicon Valley darling GoldieBlox in a very well written complaint focusing as much on right of publicity and false endorsement as copyright infringement (“Beastie Boys Sue GoldieBlox For Acting With “Oppression, Fraud, And Malice“).

In case you missed it, the wonderful new music blog MusicIntelligentsia has a series of posts about the connections between the rather unbelievable recent Google Books ruling on fair use and the lawsuit that GoldieBlox filed against the Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin.  One post in particular connects the lawyer for Google in the Google Books case to the artist-busting tactics Google employed to attack all the world’s authors, illustrators, songwriters, screenwriters and photographers (“Organizing the World’s Information Whether the World Likes It Or Not: Fair use for the 1% After Google Books“).   That lawyer, Daralyn Durie of one of Google’s principle outside law firms, led the attack on…

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