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Welcome to Skynet: Google Expands the Google Terminator Division

December 18, 2013

by Chris Castle


[Looking at passing Google driverless car]

It’s only scary because it’s new.

The Internship

Sometimes it’s scary because it’s scary.

According to the widespread press reports (including the New York Times), Google is rapidly expanding its Skynet operations with major acquisitions of military grade robots from Boston Dynamics (developed with money from DARPA).  When you consider that fellow Gang of Four member and mainstream media mogul Jeff Bezos is pushing robots delivering goods to your house, and Google is already sending thousands of cars driving all over the world snarfing down your wifi and taking pictures of your house, don’t be surprised if Google’s definition of “driverless cars” includes Terminators.  I mean…”Wildcats” like this one:

No wonder Google cut the driverless car crash scene from The Internship.  Of course, since it’s a Google Terminator, they will probably call it Cupcake or something with suitable “skin” to mask the sensors:

Or maybe they’ll call it Nyan Cat instead of WildCat?  Maybe it will automatically update your Facebook status and post your selfie videos on YouTube–and don’t worry, WildCat will take the video for you because it integrates with Google Glass.  Also known as CCTV.

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