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The $500,000,000 Cost to Artists of Google’s Five Million DMCA Notices

December 22, 2013

Here’s a blast from the past–Google is now getting 20 million take downs a month for search alone with 95% accuracy.

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If I told you that the DMCA notice system at Google alone was taking $500,000,000 a year out of the already beaten down global creative community, would you say that is such a staggering sum it can’t be right?  I think you’ll find that number is actually a low estimate based on Google’s own figures.  It makes a $100 million advance for licensing to Google Music look like chump change because it is.

One of Google’s legion of lobbyists recently testified at the House Judiciary Committee that Google alone has “processed” nearly five million DMCA notices so far this year.  Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee, the Google lobbyist did not call the Committee’s attention to another statement in her written testimony: That the number of DMCA notices “processed” by Google in 2010 was “only” 3 million—still a staggering number, but considerably less than 2011.

The increase is 166% so the trend…

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