Bring Out Your Dead: Goldieblox Gets Superbowl After Ripping Off Dead Guys and Marketing by Lawsuit

UPDATE: Goldieblox was given permission to delay their filing responding to the Beastie Boys claims until…wait for it…after the Superbowl.  I know–what a coincidence.  A filing that was made on January 27–a couple days before the “announcement” that Goldieblox would win the Intuit “contest”.  Thanks to Adland, there seems to be a few Twitter bots […]

MTP Monthly is Coming Tomorrow with Exclusive Interview with @theblakemorgan on I Respect campaign and more

Our friend Blake Morgan (@theblakemorgan on Twitter) has started a movement with his Huffington Post article Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting for. Given the 40,000 or so likes the HuffPo piece got, Blake has taken it to the next level and offered the “#IRespectMusic” hashtag on Twitter, which has brought a huge turnout, […]

An Answer for Mr. DeSantis: “Registration” and the Reformalization of Copyright Under the Copyright Principles Project, Part 1

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
A question came up regarding copyright registration at the May 16, 2013 House IP Subcommittee hearing featuring Professor Pamela Samuelson.  Professor Samuelson teaches at the University of California at Berkeley and also runs the Samuelson Glushko system of academic legal centers (the “Glushko” is Professor Samuelson’s husband, Dr. Robert…

Epsilons at the Brave New Googleplex: Film by Fired Google Whistleblower Explains Horrendous Google Books Metadata

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
Here’s another item that won’t make it into the Wikipedia article on “Google, Inc.” MTP readers will recall the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Berkeley Professor Geoffrey Nunberg, “Google Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars.” [Scholars] need reliable metadata about dates and categories, which is why it’s…