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YouTube Advertising Fraud: Which Other Public Media Company Gets Away with Broadcasting This Into Your Home?

January 2, 2014

Google likes to rely on the Communications Decency Act and the DMCA to defend themselves against ; in fact, a big part of Google’s business model is “getting away with it” by selling advertising on videos that their advertising customers clearly don’t want their brands tied to and that must violate the advertiser’s rights. Google has been doing this so systematically and for so long that it should not be too hard for an enterprising State Attorney General to prove that YouTube is a massive conspiracy to defraud advertisers.

Here are a few examples that MTP called out in 2013.  Imagine if NBC-Universal, CBS, ABC, CNN or Fox News broadcast some of this content.  If they promised advertisers their ads wouldn’t appear–and then ran them anyway–can you imagine the backlash?

Some of the videos we linked to have been promptly taken down–and apparently not because Google got complaints from the “YouTube community” unless you want to include MTP and all the Internet users in the world in the YouTube community, which would be taking monopoly just a bridge too far.

And remember–these are not videos or ads on some sketchy site in Albania–these are videos and ads on Google’s flagship platform, the one that they want you to accept into your home, where Google sells all the advertising and the one they control entirely and absolutely.

Artists should understand that when they take the pittance that YouTube pays for music on YouTube that might–might–offset the administrative headaches of dealing with the incredibly sloppy YouTube rights management “system”–some of that blood money and the traffic that produced it comes from very unsavory sources appealing to the worst in humanity.

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