A Guide to Music Performance Royalties, Part 2

Music Technology Policy

[Editor Charlie sez:  This continues from Part 1]

We saw in Part 1 that a sound recording is comprised of two separate and distinct copyrights: The copyright in the song (“©”) and the copyright in the recording of the song (“℗”).   We also saw that the two fundamental divisions of each of these separate copyrights are (1) who owns (or controls) the copyright, and (2) who gets paid, or who has a “financial interest” in the copyright (sometimes the same person).   We will be focusing mostly on the song copyright in this Part 2, continuing to address primarily the basis for public performance royalties and the mechanical royalties that currently form the basis for the “streaming mechanical” payable for on-demand streaming services in addition to the public performance royalty.  We will return to the public performance royalty for sound recordings in Part 3.

Payment Streams–Pre Digital

Because we are…

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