Early Results and Evolution of the UGA Undesirable Lyric Website Study to Include Advertisers.

UGA Undesirable Lyric Website Project

As a result of the publication of the UGA Undesirable Lyric Website List and action taken by the National Music Publishers Association there have been a number of noteworthy updates. Many sites have come forward wishing to obtain licenses and others updated their licensing compliance. We updated our database accordingly. We also learned of at least one website that now has an expired licenses.

In addition we are now ready to expand the study to examine which brands are advertising on these unlicensed sites.


1. RapGenuis which appeared as #1 on the October release has  reportedly entered into talks with the NMPA to fully license lyrics from NMPA members. We also have an unconfirmed report that RapGenius are considering updating or adding links to legitimate streaming sites for each of the songs on their their lyric annotation site. This is a very positive development for songwriters and artists as…

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