Revenge of the Trip: Lessig gets it wrong again

In anticipation of the House IP Subcommittee’s Fair Use hearing, a blast from the past.

Music Technology Policy

[Editor Charlie says: As of Christmas Day (7 days in release) “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has grossed $890 million in worldwide box office. “How better to revive a 30-year-old series than by enlisting armies of kids to make the content interesting again?”  Well, that’s one better way.]

This is a repost from July 15, 2007

In his continuing quest to undermine the interests of copyright owners, Professor Lessig is at it again with his op-ed: Lucasfilm’s Phantom Menace in which he takes on Lucasfilm and George Lucas for the rules they established for allowing users to “remix” some Star Wars footage with other works. Lucasfilm takes the not unreasonable position that in consideration for letting people have access to Star Wars, Lucas owns the results. Lester Lawrence Lessig III doesn’t like this. Lucas should give up copyright ownership to those creating derivatives from some of the most valuable motion…

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