YouTube Serves POTUS and Thai Teen Girls?

Music Technology Policy

The wisest among you learn to read your portents well
There’s no need to hurry because the road is all downhill to Hell…

From Don’t Stand Still by The Original Snakeboy

Firedoglake and Redstate have done a great job in focusing public attention on the scandal of Google’s profiting from human trafficking by means of Android applications (see Jane Hamsher Rep. Carolyn Maloney: Google Android Sex App “Appalling Beyond Belief” and Breeanne Howe “Google Profits from Sex Trafficking“).

But one thing we weren’t quite prepared for is the kinds of videos that Google sells ads against on YouTube.  Try searching YouTube for “Thai teen girls” and this is what you get:

So in case you don’t know about Pattaya girls, let’s Google them–and check out the paid ad:

So if you were to ask Google about this, they would probably tell you about all the money they’ve given to trafficking…

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