For State Attorneys General, the Human Trafficking Investigations Should Start at YouTube

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is one of the 47 state Attorneys General who is leading the AG’s initiative against human trafficking of young girls, especially online: General Bondi emphasizes the need to make parents aware of the dangers that young people face online that parents […]

Worshiping the Great God Scale: Google’s Four Great Lies as read to you by Kent Walker

[Update 1/21/14: According to a press release dated 1/16/14 and the ELI fundraising invitations, Kent Walker was keynoting at ELI.  According to a post dated 1/16/14 Kent Walker is not keynoting ELI, Robert Kyncl is keynoting.  Robert Kyncl is the head of content and business acquisitions at YouTube.  (Given that Tom Brokaw keynoted the event […]

Questions for Mr. Holder on Google Drugs

Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it. From “Long, Long Time” by Guy Forsyth. MTP readers will recall the infamous Google Drugs settlement.  Google was the subject of several sting operations over a multiyear period conducted by a variety of Federal criminal investigators as well as a federal […]

Kent Walker’s Grooveshark Problem

Say hello to my little Googley friend…a Boston Dynamics military robot now owned by Tyrell Corporation…sorry,  now owned by Google. Even before Google joined the military-industrial complex, we’ve often noted Google’s messaging tactics.  When trying to deceive artists and our industry that we should all really like Google, there’s at least two steps involved: (a) […]