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Goldieblox Meets Chucky: Case Targets Songwriters and Producers

February 3, 2014

Music Technology Policy

Producers and songwriters should be aware that in the Temporary Autonomous Zone of Northern California (home of the class action award payoffs to the EFF, Berkman Center and other places where copyright haters thrive), the new new thing appears to be suing record producers and songwriters.  Rick Rubin in particular.

According to Adland.tv:

Last week Goldieblox made a big splash on the internet with their Rube Goldberg style gizmo in their commercial which depicted bored girls who decided to build a “Der lauf der dinge”, or a HONDA “Cog” style machine out of ordinary household things, set to the tune of Beastie Boys “Girls”, but with new lyrics. The creative engineer who built the contraption in OK Go’s “This too shall pass”, Brett Doar, spent 2 1/2 weeks building the gadget in the Goldieblox ad.

Goldieblox isn’t just a pink board with holes in it…

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