Worshiping the Great God Scale: Google’s Four Great Lies as read to you by Kent Walker

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[Update 1/21/14: According to a press release dated 1/16/14 and the ELI fundraising invitations, Kent Walker was keynoting at ELI.  According to a post dated 1/16/14 Kent Walker is not keynoting ELI, Robert Kyncl is keynoting.  Robert Kyncl is the head of content and business acquisitions at YouTube.  (Given that Tom Brokaw keynoted the event last year, I guess you could say that Robert Kyncl is to YouTube what Tom Brokaw is to NBC News.)]

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood just scored a major victory for Mississippians in the U.S. Supreme Court.  So we should not be surprised that as he determinedly pursues Google for continuing to sell drug advertising online and a variety of other consumer fraud and unfair business practice claims, Google continues to dance around their bad acts on many other issues of concern to creators.  Remember, this is a company whose CEO was…

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