The DMCA is not an Alibi: The Googlization of Art and Artists

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[We first posted this in October 2006.  How little has changed in 8 years.  According to Google’s most recent Transparency Report, Google receives 20 million take down notices a month for search alone.

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google takedowns]

[Ed. Charlie says:  This was a preamble to the 2011 posting of Chris Castle’s 2006 article “The DMCA Is Not An Alibi”.  Google recently published its 2011 “Transparency Report” which has a couple interesting facts regarding takedown notices it received.  Despite the $500,000,000 forfeiture by Google when it was caught in seven different sting operations profiting from the sale of controlled substances online, there is only one reference to takedown notices relating to drugs in the report–from South Korea.  “[A] request from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) resulted in the removal of 441 ads that violated KFDA regulations.”  And the only country in the world where Google received a “content removal notice” that…

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