Did Slate Sell it’s Journalistic Integrity to Google -oops I mean New America Foundation Which is Run by Google Lobbyist?

The indomitable @sutterink flattens the suits from Google

The Trichordist

The Interwebs have been  buzzing about a pair of articles on the once great Slate.com.

It began with the  posting of a “news” article on Slate by Google Lawyer Marvin Ammori in which he compared entertainment creators to a stalkers.   Adland.tv quickly pointed out to Slate Magazine that they had not made the proper disclosures.  So slate added this to the article:

Update, March 11, 2014: Disclosure: The author represented Google and other companies fighting SOPA/PIPA in 2011 and 2012. He currently represents Google and other companies on several issues, including copyright reform. These views are his own.

Translation: oops we accidentally published a piece of corporate PR propaganda crap.

Next  comes the hilarious follow up to this article by Kurt Sutter the writer/creator of Sons Of Anarchy. In a blistering and brilliant attack Sutter takes Ammori and Google to task for relentlessly undermining creators rights to enhance their bottom line.

“I Created…

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