The MTP Podcast: Keith Bernstein of talks with Chris Castle on Royalty Audits

My interview with Keith Bernstein, the preeminent auditor of digital music services.  A “royalty auditor” visits digital music services on behalf of artists and copyright owners to make sure they are paying royalties in accordance with the services’ contracts.  Keith has conducted these “royalty compliance examinations” (or “audits”) against every major digital music service, frequently multiple times.  As he was one of the first to focus on digital services as our future income back in 2000, he’s a leader in his field.

Keith’s companies are Royalty Review Council for audits and accounting, and Crunch Digital for assisting entrepreneurs with servicing licenses and the Crunch Digital Agency to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses from rights holders for the use of music in their products.

Theme music by Guy Forsyth, “Where’d You Get the Music?”

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