How Long Can Reed Hastings Hide Behind Kevin Spacey’s Sarong?

Netflix is rapidly finding that exclusive original programming is the solution to some of its subscriber problems.  We are kind of enjoying watching these “cutting edge” Silicon Valley “innovators” come to conclusions that are circa 1950 for our business, but glad that they are figuring these things out gradually.  Yes, Mr. Hastings, that’s called a […]

Pandora CEO says “Pandora is Radio” so Pandora shouldn’t pay artists at all–and CEO Pay is Up 3,882%

Sometimes it pays to read the transcripts from earnings calls, especially for company’s like Pandora, our latest set of fake “friends” in the tech community.  Always striving to keep their executive salaries high, Pandora’s CEO let their true strategy slip out in yesterday’s earnings call (see the full transcript on Seeking Alpha): For the landscape […]

The Ethics of the Unethical Google Glass: @stopthecyborgs Makes A Great Argument for Ethics Class at Computer School

If you do a review of computer science and electrical engineering classes at leading universities, you will find many interesting classes.  One you will not find is the ethics of technology. We are now told that “wearables” are inevitable and if you question the ethics of products like Google Glass, you get the usual epithet […]

If Google Can Successfully Lobby the FTC on Antitrust, Just Think What They Think They Can Do To Us

“You asked me if I am in the Meth Business or the Money Business. It’s neither. I am in the Empire Business.” – Walter White – See more at: “You asked me if I am in the Meth Business or the Money Business. It’s neither. I am in the Empire Business.” – Walter White […]

#irespectmusic Update: The Hope Train Arrives in Washington Union Station With Your Petition

MTP readers will remember the #irespectmusic campaign has brought together over 10,000 music makers and music lovers who let the U.S. Congress know that they’d like Congress to get artists paid for radio play.  Three members of our community–artists, Blake Morgan and Janita along with booking agent Tommy Merrill–brought that positive grass roots message to […]

YouTube’s Monopoly Effects and Keeping an Eye on Those Songwriters

In case you didn’t believe there was a reason why YouTube executives were booed at this year’s MIDEM global music industry trade conference, you may find this reporting from the Music Tank meeting in London this week as reported by Complete Music Update: Last night’s MusicTank debate…was…generally optimistic….And though the debate was technically initiated by […]

David Lowery’s Panel at Future of Music Policy Conference Brings Out the Spinners

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
By the way, the first question to the panel from the floor comes from Pandora’s lobbyist Elizabeth W. Frazee, top spinner from Washington shillery Twin Logic Strategies–who also spins for the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Consumer Electronics Association, Net Coalition, Yahoo!–all of which MTP readers will recognize.  (Nearly $1.5…