David Lowery’s Panel at Future of Music Policy Conference Brings Out the Spinners

Let’s revisit David Lowery’s panel at the height of IRFA madness–it’s very likely we will see a new bill introduced soon as Son of IRFA. The video demonstrates just how far Pandora executives have chosen to align the company against artists and musicians–but how much their shills have to–shall we say shade the truth–in order to trick Congressmen into supporting their Big Nanny legislation.

Music Technology Policy

By the way, the first question to the panel from the floor comes from Pandora’s lobbyist Elizabeth W. Frazee, top spinner from Washington shillery Twin Logic Strategies–who also spins for the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Consumer Electronics Association, Net Coalition, Yahoo!–all of which MTP readers will recognize.  (Nearly $1.5 million in lobbying money so far this year.)  Ms. Frazee’s revolving door profile is interesting as well.

Kudos to fellow spinner Michael Petricone from the trade bot Consumer Electronics Association in the role of “Never Seen Her Before” who is competing with Kurt Hansen’s cat for the nomination for “Best Feigned Surprise at Shillery Gibberish”!

A couple of questions seem to keep coming up that spreads disinformation about the rate side of the so-called “Internet Radio Fairness Act”:

1.  The “labels” won’t negotiate with Pandora prior to a Copyright Royalty Board hearing:

False Assumption #1:  First, it’s not “the labels”…

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