#irespectmusic Update: The Hope Train Arrives in Washington Union Station With Your Petition

MTP readers will remember the #irespectmusic campaign has brought together over 10,000 music makers and music lovers who let the U.S. Congress know that they’d like Congress to get artists paid for radio play.  Three members of our community–artists, Blake Morgan and Janita along with booking agent Tommy Merrill–brought that positive grass roots message to Capitol Hill this week in meetings with key members of the Washington community charged with looking after artist rights in the U.S.

We’ll have more about this watershed event soon, but everyone who signed the petition needs to know that the #irespectmusic team delivered on their promise to take the I Respect Music message to Washington and make sure you were heard.

Starting with a constituent meeting for the Greenwich Village crew with their Congressman, Representative Jerry Nadler, who also happens to be the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet.


L-R: Tommy Merrill, Rep. Nadler, Blake Morgan, Your Petition and Janita

Make it so, Mr. Nadler, make it so.

You may also be interested in my interview with Blake Morgan tracing the history of the #irespectmusic campaign: