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Egginghaus and German Street View

May 18, 2014

Music Technology Policy

[Editor Charlie says:  This Chris Castle post originally appeared in MTP on Nov. 23, 2010.  We are reposting in light of the odd correlation between ACTA protests, the Google Spy-Fi investigations around the world, Google’s investment in Germany, someone at night egging the houses of Germans who did not want to participate in Street View, statements by the EU privacy minister over Google’s change in privacy policy to what we call the “snooper scooper” approach and the former UK privacy regulator with autority over the Street View investigation giving Google a pass before going to work at–Google.  A dedicated group of like-minded people?]

The brilliantly witty Chris Matyszczyk has a fascinating story of lobbing, Google style, in reaction to the launch in Germany of Google Street View.   That’s right.  Lobbing, not lobbying.  Or at least it would appear so. (With apologies to Julius Ebbinghaus.)

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