Egginghaus and German Street View

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
[Editor Charlie says:  This Chris Castle post originally appeared in MTP on Nov. 23, 2010.  We are reposting in light of the odd correlation between ACTA protests, the Google Spy-Fi investigations around the world, Google’s investment in Germany, someone at night egging the houses of Germans who did not want…

Follow the Money: Senate Homeland Security Committee Investigating Online Advertising

The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Senate Homeland & Governmental Affairs Committee is holding a hearing on May 15 at 9:30 am ET entitled “Online Advertising and Hidden Hazards to Consumer Security and Data Privacy“. Not only should the Subcommittee be focused on consumer security–they should also be concerned with advertiser fraud. The Subcommittee […]

“The People’s Platform” by Astra Taylor @astradisastra

Fascinating and must-read book by the documentary film maker and academic Astra Taylor.  We’ll be posting some excerpts from key concepts. The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age takes an unflinching look at the Gospel According to Silicon Valley, including Google and its mouthpiece Lessig.  Taylor cuts through Lessig’s justification […]

Privacy Rights, Property Rights and Google

…there was lunch in the larger, first floor cafeteria where, in the corner, on a small stage there was a man, playing a guitar, who looked like an aging singer-songwriter Mae’s parents listened to. “Is that….?” “It is,” Annie said, not breaking her stride.  “There’s someone every day.   Musicians, comedians, writers….We book them a year […]

Thank you, Representative Judy Chu!

Representative Judy Chu, a strong leadership voice for creators in the U.S. Congress and co-chair of the Creative Rights Caucus (@respectcreators) posted her #irespectmusic selfie on Twitter!  Follow Rep. Chu @repjudychu and the Creative Rights Caucus!