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Saturday morning quotes 4.3: Going dark

June 7, 2014

Unquiet Thoughts

We live in disquieting times with the muses gone mute and new reasons for general alarm sounding daily. As the economy continues to tank and times grow tougher for everyone – at least in our clammy, cluttered corner of the world – it seems the result is that the population becomes more fractious and peevish, greedy and grasping, dyspeptic and disappointed. Everyone wants to know why his or her standard of living is slipping, and just who is responsible?

Interest in the early music scene fades as the music biz tanks along with the rest of the economy, and we find there are more performers dreaming up gimmicks for shows bearing the labels “New” and “Improved,” and expanding way beyond convincing competence as they calculate new angles that will corner new audiences. Our friends and colleagues tell us that where once there flowed a corporate fount of funds for the arts…

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