YouTube Still Using its Monopoly to Profit from Crime and Shake Down Indie Labels

MTP readers will not be surprised to know that YouTube brazenly continues its business model of profiting themselves from human misery and promoting crime.  Yes, they want to be just like television except for the standards and practices part.

We’ve found a host of unsavory videos being blasted into your homes by the biggest video distributor in the land.

There’s this skinhead racists:

johnny rebel youtube

Holocaust deniers:

David Irving

Jihadi money solicitation videos (not to mention the ISIS “Dawn of Glad Tidings” Android app):

and a host of how-to videos on injecting drugs:

and this one featuring the music of Morning Sun

and not to forget the how-to shoot up in the femoral vein;

Then there’s the sex tourism videos and softcore porn:

This one featuring actresses of indeterminate age:

cornyn girl kiss

This one featuring the music of Jack White with Asian “brides” ads by Google–we’ll come back to Jack White.

philippines sex tourism

And this doesn’t count the host of other illegal activities blatantly available to all users on YouTube.

And who do you think frequently provides the soundtrack to these videos?  Without really trying, we’ve found one:  Jack White.

Guess whose official videos will be blocked by YouTube because he wouldn’t take their hillbilly deal?  Jack White.  And guess whose music will continue to be used in unauthorized videos like the one above promoting child prostitution in the Philippines?

Jack White.

So YouTube won’t make a fair deal with Jack White and other indie labels and artists for YouTube to exploit their music legitimately, but YouTube is more than happy to continue using the music to sell drugs and human trafficking and sex tourism.

But the level of crime promoted on YouTube is a lot more sophisticated than sex trafficking.  You would think that it should be an easy lift to get a variety of police to simply walk into YouTube and frogmarch executives out the door for a variety of very nasty crimes.  But YouTube’s Capitol Hill charm offensive is so widespread that in order to get some Members of Congress to actually believe the level of vileness being piped into our homes you have to actually have a study.  (Some major exceptions would be Reps. Marsha Blackburn, Caroline Maloney, Bob Goodlatte and Adam Schiff).

According to Re/code:

Thieves routinely sell stolen credit card numbers and other personal information via videos on YouTube, a new report by a nonprofit group alleged Monday.

A new report from the Digital Citizens Alliance says Google is making revenue off display advertisements surrounding videos on YouTube posted by people who said they had credit card or bank information to sell.

“Having this kind of stuff on a mainstream site like YouTube and having ads next to videos — ads for Target, MasterCard or Discover — could be very confusing to consumers,” said Tom Galvin, executive director of the group and a D.C.-based public relations executive.

The group plans to start educating companies that advertise via Google about the issue, Galvin said, “raising their awareness to the problem and hopefully convincing them to urge Google to step up and take responsibility.”

This quotation really says it all:  Examples prove again and again and again that Google will sell anything to anybody until they get caught.  And when they get caught they think all they have to do is say they’re sorry–and likely are still doing the bad act at that very moment or will continue doing it within minutes.  This was true even when the person doing the catching was the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island and when Google paid a $500,000,000 fine with the stockholders money to keep their senior executive team from being criminally prosecuted for violating the Controlled Substances Act and possibly going to prison.

This time, the study shows how YouTube promotes stolen credit card scams and sells ads by major brands right next to them.  Here’s one example showing how to use a credit card embossing machine to create a fake credit card, ads by HSBC:

Credit Card Embosser

After years and years of excuses from Google about how they profit from bad acts, it is apparent that there’s really no reason to continue to try to persuade depraved people to just admit they have a problem.  Now it’s time to go straight to the brands that fuel Google’s profits.

This problem, by they way, has nothing to do with censorship, DMCA or the Communications Decency Act.  Google’s tawdry reliance on these legitimate protections to extend its exploitation of human misery makes their enterprise even more contemptible.  I’m confident that Google will be proven to constitute one of the biggest unprosecuted events of consumer and advertiser fraud ever recorded.   And when you consider that YouTube allows users to exploit music to sell these wares–but uses shakedown tactics to try to work their will on independent artists who cannot afford to take on Google–world governments must take this on and not be duped by the Google charm offensive.

Because I can guarantee you that Duped Advertiser Number 1 had no idea that his YouTube ads would be sold to promote sex tourism in Thailand:







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