“Options, not rules”: BitTorrent Profits from Piracy By Serving Ads To UTorrent Client

Bit Torrent’s revisionist history charm offensive continues…

Music Technology Policy

As galling as it may be, About.com actually has a post calledThe Best Torrent Downloading Software 2013.”  And who is the winner of the best client to use for stealing music and movies?

“Here they are: the most popular ‘music pirate’ downloading software for torrent file sharing. This list is compiled from hundreds of user comments and reader suggestions. Currently, the two most popular tools are uTorrent and Tixati. But definitely look at all the choices below for yourself.”

So what is “uTorrent”?  Why the handy application from SF Music Tech sponsor Bit Torrent, Inc. of course.  uTorrent has been downloaded over 20 million times from download.com alone, so you won’t be surprised to hear that the ad supported application servesover 5 billion ads a month.

According to Torrentfreak:

Based on the stats reported by BitTorrent, the uTorrent client serves more than five billion ads…

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