The Class Action Scam Continues with Facebook Sponsored Stories

Given the various tech class actions, always worth remembering

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Here’s the way it looks like it works:  Google or Facebook overreach in a way that allows them to be sued for potentially billions in a class action that has yet to be filed, but could be.  Friendly lawyers come forward and offer a deal–we represent the class, we will do a settlement that pays the lawyers a bunch of money and eliminates the company’s liability for everyone except those who affirmatively opt out of the class.  And then the company gets to siphon cash into their favorite lobbying groups and a handful of real foundations thrown in for window dressing through a loophole called “cy pres“.

Lots of cash.

And, oh, yes–pays the class as close to nothing as they can get away with.

Three big settlements in the last few years that take on this appearance including the cy pres loophole are the Google Buzz settlement…

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