Call to Action: Songwriters Submit Comments to the DOJ on the Consent Decrees Now.

Don’t forget to file your comments with Dept of Justice today!

The Trichordist

The DOJ is reviewing the WWII era consent decrees that force songwriters under federal court supervision for supposed anti-competitive practices.  Yes the awesome power of the federal government is being used to protect multi-billion dollar companies like Clear Channel, Sirius, Pandora, YouTube/Google, Amazon and Spotify from hippy freak songwriters. Considering that many of these companies are effective monopolies it’s a stunning abuse of federal power on behalf of a few politically connected corporations.

The consent decree forces songwriters to allow these services to use our songs while a single appointed for life judge (song czar) sets our rate of compensation.   You may remember that I posted that my million spins on Pandora earned me less than $17?   I can’t even opt out of this service, how is that even fair?  That’s how this kind of outrage occurs.  This amounts to an government mandated subsidy from songwriters to some…

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