@jannarden gets the Lars Treatment from QuickHitz Broadcaster

We’re trying to get confirmation of what actually happened, but it looks like Canadian artist Jann Arden was banned from a 100 station radio chain in Canada–because she spoke out against a radio format that literally cuts recordings in half. Why would anyone even think of such a vile format? My guess up is that it’s just so the stations can sell more advertising.

This is kind of like YouTube for radio.

Remember that Canadian broadcasters are supposed to help foster Canadian artists, and most of them do. This is why I have to believe that this format is all about the bean counters who love money and not the jocks who love music. Giving artists the Lars treatment is what we expect from SiliconValley money grubbers who profit from piracy. At least the pirates steal the entire song.

And banning an artist from the peoples airwaves because she spoke up has even less integrity.

The broadcaster ban is so incredibly short sighted, surely there’s more to it?

Stay tuned…