@jannarden is Banned on Newcap Stations Through Patented QuickHitz Infringement Machine

As you know, Canadian artist Jann Aden spoke out against the vile “QuickHitz” radio format that cuts songs in half to sell more advertising.  Jann singled out the AMP radio station in Calgary, which is one of 100 or so stations owned by the Newcap Radio chain in Canada.  Jann indicated in a slightly obscure tweet last week that she’d been banned from the station by “Steve Jones”.

I find it hard to believe that jocks on a station would actually believe that slicing and dicing songs without artist consent was a good idea.  But radio is a tough business and I don’t blame them for wanting to keep their jobs.  However, this is exactly the kind of market power abuse we expect from the National Association of Broadcasters (who at the moment strives to keep the U.S. government’s boot on the throats of songwriters.  Why?  Because “this is what monopoly looks like”)

Based on an email leaked to us by a whistleblower, it appears that not only did “Steve” ban Jann Arden from the Calgary station–it’s a fair inference from the email that he banned her from all Newcap stations.  And the reason he banned her was not because of what she did but because of what she said.  Because of her speech.

From: Steve Jones
Sent: Thursday, August 7, 2014 10:41 AM
To: Trevor Wallworth; Myles MacKinnon; Kurt Price; Daryl Stevens; Dan Youngs; Curtis Bray;
John Roberts; Paul Kaye; Al Tompson; Corey Tremere; Adam McLaren; Jeff Murray; Mike Campbell;
Josie Geuer; Abbey White; Rick Tompkins; Brad Michaels; Kate Buick; Jackie Greening;
Melanie Sampson; Steve Parsons; Jay Bedford; Stuart McIntosh; Taylor Jukes; Christina Fitzgerald;
Stu Ferguson; David Larsen; Troy McCallum; Paul Parhar; Casey Clarke

Cc: Jessop, Paul

Subject: Jann Arden

Please remove ALL music by Jann Arden from your playlist immediately and permanently.

Her antagonistic and pissy social media comments about our company are a clear statement that she doesn’t need our support. She’s a superstar without radio support.



Steve Jones
Newcap Radio



This is not the reason that radio stations are given access to the public airways and a license to broadcast.  In this particular case, it’s also a 180 out from the purpose of Canadian content laws.

For American artists, realize that QuickHitz is not just a Canadian disease–it’s also in the U.S.  In fact–QuickHits slices up the sound recording and song copyrights of artists and songwriters, labels and music publishers and has the brass to advertise itself like this:



That’s right–QuickHitz thinks it can commoditize the property rights of others through a property right of its own.  When you sort through the legal side of this hocus pocus, it sure looks like infringement to me.  And even if it isn’t–why would anyone think that this is a good idea?

This cannot stand.


One thought on “@jannarden is Banned on Newcap Stations Through Patented QuickHitz Infringement Machine

  1. Is anyone bothering to talk with the CRTC? According to their regulations, music to be considered Canadian content MUST be played in its entirety! It would seem that this station is running the risk of losing their broadcast license because they are not fulfilling their Canadian content commitments! Scott James pointed me to this bit of the regulations:


    The pertinent item would be 2.2(9):

    (9) Except as otherwise provided under a condition of its licence and subject to subsection (6), an A.M. licensee, F.M. licensee or digital radio licensee that is licensed to operate a commercial station shall, between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., in any period beginning on a Monday and ending on the Friday of that week, devote at least 35% of its musical selections from content category 2 to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety.


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