Google’s Dominance of Online Display Advertising

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Google has long been criticized providing the advertising dollars that fuel a large variety of bad behaviors online from selling illegal drugs, to human trafficking to plain old copyright infringement.  This is not mere Google bashing—remember, Google’s senior executive team paid $500,000,000 of the stockholders money to keep from being indicted for selling illegal drugs.  Google itself admits disconnecting 46,000 illegal sites from its Adsenses/Doubleclick ad networks—even if Google made a mere $10,000 each from those sites, that’s over $1 billion gross.

And who can forget the drubbing Google took from members of Congress and Firedoglake over the teen-oriented escort app on the Android platform as advertised on YouTube.

Why do they do these things?  Apparently for the money.

The hypocrisy of Internet utopians engaging in such behavior is striking—there must be an awful lot of money involved to make it worth the risk.  Which also is strange because we’ve…

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